31 August, 2006


Most consistent solo blog

This category seeks to recognise bloggers who may not have been around that long, and therefore do not have an early mover advantage in terms of number of posts, but who have achieved high volumes relative to the time they've been around.

It is open to blogs that have been online since at least June 15th, 2005.

Name of blog.
URL of blog.
Name of blogger
Starting date.
Number of posts from starting date up to 15th July, 2006.

Any independent verification that you can provide.

Leave your entries in the comments.

name of blog - 'rediscovering india'

url - http://o3.indiatimes.com/rediscoveringindia

name of blogger - prabir ghose

starting date - 18th august 2004

no. of posts till 15/7/2006 - 794
pl correct the starting date as 22nd august and not 18th august - inconvenience regretted
zigzackly - a correction please - the number of posts is 694 (and not 794 as erroneously mentioned).
Name of blog: John P matthew
URL of blog: http://johnpmathew.blogspot.com
Starting date:August 23, 2003
Any independent verification that you can provide:
The blog has postings in every month except Sept and Oct 2004 and Feb 2005.

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