31 August, 2006


The Limca Book of Records..

..is going to be covering Indian blogs in its next edition.

This blog lists the potential categories, invites entries and also solicits feedback and suggestions for further categories, both for this and future editions.

The next few posts detail the categories.

Please use the comments section of the relevant post to enter your nominations. Yes, please do feel free to nominate your own blog.

General feedback on the proposed categories is welcome. Please comment right here.

Suggestions for categories that you think should be included are welcome too. Please put them in the comments to the Suggestions post.

Hi limca Records team,

Is there any record On month long Indian thali marathon for websites . With at least 20 recipes In a thali from all over India. I wanted to make a record on this. I had done a 15-16 days long thali marathon already in my blog But would like to do a month long thali marathon. My mail id : Manjulabharathkumar@gmail.com..Here is my blog..
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