31 August, 2006


Your suggestion here

To quote the editor, "In LBR, we look for a lot of trivia so any interesting matter can be turned into a fascinating nugget."

So this post invites your suggestions on other possible categories (don't forget to also leave suggestions on how entries to these categories can be verified), bits of trivia and other interesting stuff.

In addition to a single blogpost with the most comments, wont it be nice to have a category "Blog with the most comments" i.e. summing all comments in all posts?
another category could be 'the most prolific blogger' - to be determined by the no. of posts per day over a period of time.

Please see this post.
zigzackly - thanks. i have submitted the info as desired.
Couldn't you have a category for blogs that're used effectively to post even books? One of my blogs is a translation novel.
zigzackly - just for your info - i have spread the message thro indiatimes.com, sulekha.com, theindiatree.com and ndtv.com
May be there could be few more categories called,the most funniest blog,the most realistic or practical blog, the most touchy blog, the most interesting blog,the most informative blog...??!!??

btw,please do update this blog to beta...am not able to comment as a blogger. Thanks

Ma blog Webber World

How about the blogger who is selected get a complimentary copy of the book?

Does the blogger get intimated in any way or does he/she have to keep checking this space?

Any approx timelines available when the final results will be announced?

Dear Zigzackly, editor LBBR, Blog of LBR. I am Nikhil Parekh and have already secured two records with the LBR in 2006 pertaining to my poetry. The two records that I have already registered with the LBR are 1) Most number of letters to and received from World Leaders and World Organizations 2) The Only EPPIE winner from India. Details of both these records of mine can be had from my website http://www.nikhilparekh.com .

Now I have also started my own blog at http://www.nikhilparekh.blogspot.com . Currently it has 475 posts by me in just its first 7 days of starting at the rate of 60 posts per day. Within next 25 days, at the rate of 60 posts per day, I plan to make it to a total of 2050 posts. The total posts would be after 25 days , as 2050 posts. These would contain appx. 13.5 lac words and comprise 8000 pages . My blog then would be the largest/longest and most prolific blog on the Internet I feel with 2050 posts over a period of just 35 days, at the rate of almost 60 posts per day, with 13.5 lac words in it.

Since, I see here that LBR has opened a category for blogs, I feel that by end of next month, when I would be completing my blog with posts, I would apply officially for the record with LBR for having the largest/longest and most prolific blog on the Internet. I feel, that I would also apply for the same with the Guinness Book.

I just thought of bringing this to your kind notice. Of course a month hence from now, I would be officially applying, after completing 2050 posts for my blog-right now there are 475 posts in it.

My blog can be visited at http://www.nikhilparekh.blogspot.com . I would appreciate your comments and further guidance into this.

Best Wishes
Nikhil Parekh

As it says in the sidebar: We will only be able to consider including information submitted here up to the 15th September, 2006.

And the editors tell me that the blog section for this edition was an experiment, and may not be included in subsequent editions.
Dear Zigzackly. Thanks for your prompt answer. Well then its unfortunate, that LBR was only considering entries till Sept 15th for the 2007 edition of Limca Book. I started blogging on Sept 20. Anyways, I feel that after 25 days, when I would be finishing my blog in entirety, I would then apply formally with the Limca Book, writing to them regards the same.

At that time, by Oct 15 or so, my blog http://www.nikhilparekh.blogspot.com would be having a 2050 posts, with 13.5 lac words appx and 8000 pages, at 60 posts per day, making it the largest and most prolific blog of its kind on the net, created in only 35 days-since inception.

I only hope that at that time when I apply with Limca Book formally, I do get a positive response, and that this 'blog' category would continue in 2008 edition of the book too, giving me a chance thereby.

Blogs are the most happening things these days. In a recent article in "Times of India", I read that there are over a 50 million blogs in the world at Blogger.com itself, officially registered and several million more other than blogger. So I hope that Limca Book, would let this "Blog" category open for subsequent editions, thereby giving people like me a chance in future issues.

I hope you found time to visit my blog at http://www.nikhilparekh.blogspot.com . Any inputs would be appreciated.

Best Wishes
Nikhil Parekh
Nikhil Parekh for President.
Or better still, Vice-President.

That way he would be neither seen nor heard.
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